Welcome to Bird's Eye Bae

an HARVESTELLA fansite

As of April, 16th, 2023, the website is currently in construction! I've had some health issues and my brain got distracted by other projects, but I haven't forgotten about the website at all.

I have to undergo surgery on Wednesday, so I exepct work to resume on the website in June or so.

Totokaku, a giant rabbit with horns and hooves. Its 
    fur is white with red highlights.
Totokaku, the game's beloved pet mount.

Site history

Bird's Eye Bae came to life on March, 6th, 2023, by I, Ether, a 30-something queermo from the south of France.

I got really excited when my partner showed me Neocities. It got me to start coding again, immediately! See, I was already doing fansites... twenty years ago! We called them "shrines" back then. I really wanted to make more, but trauma fried my brain.

I'm hoping that Bird's Eye Bae will help me get back to do something I love! Stay tuned.

March 11th, 2023: Top-level pages are all created, the menu works, and I've even started to add a few images here and there.

Now I want to think about the lower-level pages and how to organise them!

I also need to start thinking about content! Exciting!

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